Call Center GURU

About us

For over a decade, CCG has provided turn-key call centre services to its clients in Thailand and the region.

who we are
We adopt a holistic approach, firstly understanding the client's objectives and then reviewing the programs they currently have in place. From there, we assess the best way forward to meet the objectives and suggest modifications to existing programs or craft new solutions. This may incorporate superior training with top-level management and tracking processes, culminating with highly efficient and descriptive auditing systems that clearly presents the results .
Our software has been selected to provide the highest level of data capture, providing the ability for supervisors to conduct remote call monitoring, and facilitating the back-end operations of quality control & reporting. Want to look like a marketing superstar? Our gurus will tailor a program to meet the most demanding requirements from any sales and marketing campaign, while keeping that smile on the CFO's face.
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