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Delivering real-world learning to global standards

Created to be practical and relevant, there are 3 main aspects that set us apart and have made us an innovative leader in the corporate training industry.

Quality Content : We specialize in soft skills development aimed at elevating staff to international standards by teaching globally-sourced content created by the relevant industry gurus.

Effective Delivery : No bored, yawning or tuned-out participants. Courses are delivered to be enjoyable, interactive and engaging. We take entertainment as a serious way to get the message across.

Follow-up Support : We provide post-event follow-up with participants, ensuring that they adopt and use what they have learned. We make sure the time and money you invest is not wasted.

Even the best training content if delivered badly without engaging the audience, we believe that its all wastage of time and money. These faces are not just of trainers, this is the master collection of best breed of professional around. Collectively 1000ands hrs. of training experience. They always make sure that the message has gone across. Mano Skills Training prides itself on offering professionally-delivered, highly relevant training courses for working adults. In order to achieve our goal of being the best at what we do, we carefully select the people who deliver those courses. Our people are TRAINERS, not teachers, and bring with them a depth of both academic credentials and hands-on, practical work experience in Thailand.

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Meet The Team

Alex Mavro
Alex is a highly experienced and respected lecturer/facilitator, who was educated at International Schools in Saigon, Phnom Penh, and Bangkok and worked with USAID in Vientiane before moving to the US and receiving his Masters in Military Science at the US Air Force Command and Staff College in Florida.
Returning to Thailand, he worked with the US Air Force, traveling extensively throughout upcountry Thailand before establishing himself in the private sector logistics and courier industry. He later helped establish DHL in Thailand and increased the company’s revenue 20 times while expanding to 14 other Thailand cities (and to Laos) over a 12-year period.
Dividing his time between Bangkok and Chaiyaphum, Alex has established Social Impact Ventures Asia, a Corporate Social Responsibility consultancy firm where he regularly trains Thai business leaders in the benefits of being socially responsible and is a frequent guest speaker and writer on 'business for good'. He received Certificate Training in CSR from CSR-Asia in Hongkong, and from the Asian Institute of Management, Manila.
His achievements include improving leadership skills at Thai multinational corporations, facilitating strategy development for owner-operated companies, and working with Royal Thai Government on numeracy education.
This multi-talented instructor is a professional writer, has a private pilot’s licence, in a certified scuba instructor, and is multi-lingual – he lectures in both English and Thai and also speaks French and some Mandarin.
A champion of social causes, he is involved in numerous associations and groups that aim to improve the lives of people in rural Thailand.
As a much sought-after trainer, Alex brings an understanding of both the public and private sectors, along with a very deep-rooted understanding of Thailand and Thai culture.

Dr. Tim Cornwall
In Bangkok since 1997, Dr Tim Cornwall currently works as an Executive Language Coach helping clients with work-related speaking and writing duties, assignments and engagements with various corporate clients.
He earned a Business Diploma, a BA in English, and a Certificate in Teaching before leaving Ottawa, Canada and has lived and worked overseas since 1979. He earned his  PhD in Adult Education from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in 2006,.
From 1979 to 1996, Dr Tim taught in Japan, punctuated by a two-year position (1985 to 1987), as Guest Professor, Business Administration Department, Klagenfurt University, Austria. During his time in Tokyo, Dr Tim taught at a variety of Japanese schools, culminating in a three-year position as Assistant Professor, English Language Department, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan.
He also established and ran a successful financial planning business while in Japan. Initially employed, he quickly become a partner in Japan's oldest and leading expatriate financial planning firm. He was accountable for sales, national marketing campaigns and client services.
A frequent seminar leader and presenter at conferences both domestically and abroad, Dr Tim is an instructor at Shinawatra, Rangsit and Bangkok Universities. A regular contributor to the Bangkok Post Education Section, Dr Tim contributed almost 100 articles during the section’s final three years in print.

Tim is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and Past Division Governor for Toastmasters in Thailand. A member in the Rotary Club of Bangkok South, he was editor of the club’s weekly magazine South Wind for five years.

Harvey Taylor
Harvey Taylor, LLB MEd has been involved directly with Curriculum Development and Teaching and Training for the last eight years and has extensive experience teaching Computing, Business, and other Humanities related subjects with a particular focus on History, Philosophy and Psychology.
With a Master’s degree in Curriculum Development and Instruction and a Cambridge Certificate for Teaching English to Adults, Harvey is very well qualified in the field of education. His fields of interest however are not just confined to education and teaching, he also has studied extensively in the fields of both law and business and prior to teaching, Harvey was Head of Computing for a large UK based consultancy and worked with many blue-chip companies to help them develop their IT and business systems.
He has developed courses and taught for many different companies including PTT, DTAC, Bangkok Christian Hospital, and Sofitel. He has a lot of experience teaching IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, as well as academic and general English.  At the higher levels, he has taught MBA students at Naresuan University and the College of Management Mahidol University as well as teaching Business Communication and Computer Mediated Communication to Undergraduates.
Harvey is also an accomplished public speaker and has been an announcer at several international conferences and has a very good understanding of Thai language and culture and how it can affect Thai students as he studied Thai at the School of Oriental and African Studies as well as completing the Thai Ministry of Education Thai Language Exam which means he is an expert in understanding and making provision for cultural differences; he has also lectured Fulbright scholars on Thai culture and education prior to their participating in teaching placements in Thai schools.
Harvey is passionate about lifelong learning which underpins his own personal learning philosophy and always believes that a good teacher should always strive to learn and continue to improve themselves and in this it is always possible to understand the student point of view. 

Kasemchai Nitiwanakun
Mr. Kasemchai Nitiwanakun graduated with a Masters in Marketing (MIM) from Thammasat Business School and the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.  Starting his career as a city reporter with The Bangkok Post, he helped found The Nation with Suthichai Yoon, and gained further experience in the publishing industry as Assistant City Editor.
He then joined British packaging manufacturer Metal Box Thailand, where he worked for 15 years as a Commercial Manager, marketing and selling metal cans for food, beverage, and non-food items. During that time he honed the strong interactive communication and listening skills which has served him well to make him a popular, successful and in-demand professional trainer.
Kasemchai’s strong preference for the consumer industry, led him to be appointed Vice President of CP Intertrade, CP’s international trading firm, where he used his creativity and international experience to successfully manage a spirited and efficient team.  
Building on his passion for communications, Kasemchai moved to CVT Advertising Co., Ltd. in 1994, where he presently serves as as Vice Chairman, Account and Media Director. He is naturally gifted communicator who can both motivate a team and give the members a polished self-confidence in expressing themselves.
Kasemchai’s long-term dedication to Thai society is documented in having been elected as an Area/Division Thailand Governor of the Toastmasters International Pan Southeast Asia for creative thinking, emphatic listening and effective oral communication. He has served as Governor of Rotary International District 3350, the global volunteer service movement. 
He has been a Training Leader and Facilitator for Rotary for the past nine years and Trainer for Toastmasters International over a decade and a half. His language skills in Thai, English and Chinese help make multi-cultural and multi-lingual approaches easy.
He was a past senior course leader of Cross-Cultural Management Co., Ltd. and currently an associate trainer with Accenture.  His portfolio includes various management and cross-cultural courses/workshops for these Fortune Global 500s: BMW, Coca-Cola, Chevron, Deutsche Bank, DuPont, Eli Lilly, General Electric, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Ford Motor, McDonald’s, Nestle, Siemens, Tesco Lotus, Time Warner, Toyota Motor, Unilever.
Last but not least, Kasemchai was the Chairman of the Physical Fitness Committee of the RBSC Polo Club in Bangkok.

Russ Emmerson
A former Lloyds of London insurance broker, Russ has more than 20 years teaching, training and educational content development experience in Asia. As a trainer and training advisor, he has worked with schools, universities, private language centres and in the corporate sector teaching students of all ages and backgrounds.
Russ spent more than a year developing, implementing and scoring English Language and English Literature tests for the Open University in Indonesia before becoming the Training Advisor to the English Program at Interstudi, Jakarta, where he led a team of sixteen instructors.
He has designed and delivered corporate training programs for many local and international companies including Ernst & Young, McDonalds, Standard Chartered Bank, Maersk Sealand, Koba Tin, PT JAS (Jakarta Airport Sevices), PT Cardig (Jakarta Airport Cargo Services) and the Institute of Indonesian Accountants.
Russ is currently the Academic & Technical Director of TEEC Australia Pty. Ltd., a company specializing in online learning solutions. He is based in Bangkok developing internet based English proficiency assessments and educational courseware for the Thai and international educational and corporate markets.

Wimonmart Moenhor
Khun Wimonmart graduated from Prince of Songkhla University with a major in English and a minor in Korean, and has used her strong multi-lingual skills in the private sector both as a business manager and as a professional trainer.
She has worked with the Korean Embassy and held management positions with a  number of Korean multinational companies in Thailand, including Samyong Engineering, Coway, and Sang Woo.
She remains actively involved with the Korean community in Thailand, including:
•  Translating Korean Books to Thai
•  Interpreter Korean for Siren Film and Bossa Film
•  Translating Korean Games
•  Translating Korean vocabulary Software 
She also offers training to the Korean business community, teaching Thai for Korean businessmen and students, teaching Korean at Language Center of University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, and The East Asian Languages Teaching Programs, IEAS, TU
In 2006 she joined MANO Training as a full-time professional trainer, where she has put her communication and leadership skills to good use, conducting a full range of training courses to a wide range of students.

Len Barnett
A graduate of the University of Melbourne and LaTrobe University, Len Barnett has been involved in corporate and university training, education and research in the Asia Pacific for more than thirty years. His broad experience includes local government management, national disaster recovery and intercultural training and communication.
Len currently teaches at Bangkok University and other universities in Thailand and has an international research reputation in management and intercultural communication. 
Len Barnett’s recent research publications include: Cultural Context and Service Quality: A Study Of Intercultural Competence In The Thai Tourism Industry; Knowledge Management, Cultural Knowledge And Intercultural Competence’ Sustainable Tourism, Development And The Discerning Traveler: Conceptual Developments And Etiological Linkages Between Sustainable Tourism, Postmodernism And The Discerning Traveler. He is a member of the Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Management and Marketing Scientific Committee and continues to provide corporate training throughout the region

Dr. Glen Lewis
Dr Lewis studied at Queensland University and the Institute of Historical Studies at London University to complete his PhD. He taught history at Queensland University until 1977 when he moved into communication studies and subsequently taught at the University of Technology Sydney.

In 1988, he moved to the University of Canberra where he became an Associate Professor in Communication until retiring in 2005. There he was Director of the Research Centre for Communication and convenor of the Department’s major in organisational communication.
He was a visiting professor at Kansas University, USA, in 1986, and an Adjunct Professor in the Dept. of Communication at UNITEC Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand 1999-2001. He was also a visiting professor in the MACA program at Bangkok University’s graduate school between 1997 and 2000.
Since retiring in Bangkok, he has taught guest seminars at Thammasat University and Kasetsart University graduate schools and in 2009 taught the Introduction to Communication course at Thammasat International College at Rangsit.
Dr. Lewis has delivered conference papers in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and successfully supervised many overseas students in their MA and PhD studies.
He has authored four books, including ‘Virtual Thailand’ (Routledge: London 2006) and co-authored two best-selling communication textbooks in Australia, including ‘Critical Communication’ (Prentice Hall: Sydney 2000 2nd edition), which included chapters on intercultural communication and organisational communication.
He has also conducted interviewing training workshops for journalism cadets in Sydney, an orientation workshop for visiting Chinese media workers in Canberra and was consultant on communication course development at Atma Jaya University in Yogyakarta.

Kenneth Walker
Ken Walker DipCE has been teaching and working in Asia since 1980. After graduating from Craigie College of Education (now the Education Department of the University of the West of Scotland), he taught in Auchinleck Primary School in Ayrshire in the south-west of Scotland.
At the same time, he was deeply involved in the performing arts. These included creative, technical and administrative roles. He was treasurer for the Ayr Arts Guild and president of the Scottish Aquarium Society. These activities reflect his areas of expertise at college: speech, drama and biology.
After moving to Hong Kong in 1980, he worked with the English Schools Foundation. He taught at both the Peak School and Bradbury Junior School where he held several posts of responsibility. He also worked with several performing art and theatre groups in a variety of roles. He was invited to be the Asian representative of TortoiseAid International, a US-based turtle conservation organization.
Professional development was an important part of life in the ESF and he holds an ‘ESL in the Mainstream’ certificate from the South Australian Department of Education and an International Curriculum and Assessment Agency ICT certificate endorsed by the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom.
In 2004, he moved to Thailand where he has widened his experience working in the EFL environment. He has worked with medical doctors, executives and teachers. He is an adviser to a local private language school and is currently working on the curriculum for an online education project.

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